Music is an artistic experience we all share, bringing the world together as both creators and listeners.  From the stage of the historic Saenger Theatre, to high school auditoriums, and to the parks of Pascagoula and Gulfport, your Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra and Gulf Coast Symphony Youth Orchestra are immersed in the community highlighting musical education programs and providing the topnotch musical experience you have come to expect. Regardless of where the music happens, one common cord remains: you.

The Annual Fund Campaign has allowed the Mississippi Gulf Coast to house a world-class ensemble for over fifty-five years; with your support, we look to continue that world-class ensemble for many years to come. Your gift to the Annual Fund Campaign allows the music to keep playing, and permits the Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra to provide music education initiatives to over 5,000 youth in classrooms and other learning venues throughout Harrison and Jackson Counties.

Be a part of the Orchestra’s work to create thrilling moments of musical connection with dynamic performances and outreach that strengthens your community. Invest in the continued success of the Orchestra with your gift today! Every donation makes a difference, regardless of amount.

All campaign contributors will receive recognition in the 2017-2018 Concert Season programs, and as a 501(c)3 organization, your donation is 100% tax deductible as allowed by law.

Annual Fund

Up to $249                            Friends

$250 – $499                          Bronze

$500 – $999                          Silver

$1,000 – $2,499                   Gold

$2,500                                    Platinum

$3,000                                   Platinum Plus

Each concert costs the Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra, Inc. approximately $24,000 in production. Costs include: Biloxi Saenger Theatre rental fees, musician fees, Guest Artist fees, music purchase and rental fees, Music Director’s salary, Operations Manager salary, musicians’ lodging costs, and instrument storage fees.  Ticket sales only cover 20% of these costs. Below are some examples on how your Annual Fund contribution helps:


$300       Tuition for two Youth Orchestra musicians

$500       Principal musician fees per concert

$1,000    Teaching materials for 150 LinkUp students

$2,500    Saenger Theater rental fees for Concert Series

$3,000   Renting of Steinway Piano per concert

$5,000   Guest Artist cost per concert

Up to $249         Friends

$250 – $499        Bronze

$500 – $999        Silver

$1000 – $2499    Gold

$2500                  Platinum

$3000                  Platinum Plus

Here are some examples of how your contributions help:

$250      covers the tuition for two Youth Orchestra musicians.

$500      covers the fees of a principal GCSO musician/section leader for a concert.

$1000    covers teaching materials for 150 Link Up students.

$2500    covers rental fees at the Saenger Theater for the Concert Series.

$3000    covers renting and transporting a 9-foot Steinway Piano for a concert.

OR consider sponsoring a GCSO concert:

$1000    Patron Level Concert Sponsor

Conductor's Club Endowment

The Conductor’s Club is comprised of a group of civic minded leaders who contribute annually to the Gulf Coast Symphony’s Endowment Fund.  These contributions will help ensure the long term success of the orchestra and its mission of providing quality, live music to the Coast.

The initial goal of the Conductor’s Club is to provide the salary of the Music Director.  As it grows, it will underwrite salaries for an Operations Manager, Concertmaster, and eventually a core group of musicians.

For more information, contact GCSO at (228) 896-4276.

John & Courtney Blossman

Ann Bowden-Hollis

Larry & Melanie Clark

Dave & Jane Dennis

Robert & Honey Fairbank

Tricia Graves

Dr. Tom Graves

Dr. Chuck & Cherry Hall

Ginny Hermetz

L.M. Kalik & Susan A. Blanchard

Charles & Solange Kremer

Duncan & Margaret McKenzie

Butch & Andi Oustalet

George & Peggy Schloegel

Dr. Don & Peggy Sprabery

Dr. Jim & Carol Wooten

Jim & Teri Wyly

In Memory of Cleve Allen from Margaret Allen Moyse

John & Courtney Blossman

Ann Bowden-Hollis

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Carter

Larry & Melanie Clark

Dave & Jane Dennis

Brian Dix

Robert & Honey Fairbank

Tricia Graves & Dr. Tom Graves

Dr. Chuck & Cherry Hall

Ginny Hermetz

Tim & Dawn Hinkley

Charles & Solange Kremer

John Kohler

Dr. Dewey & Carlana Lane

Duncan & Margaret McKenzie

Butch and Andi Oustalet

Don and Natalie Robohm

George & Peggy Schloegel

Dr. Don & Peggy Sprabery

Barbara Thompson

Dr. Jim & Carol Wooten

Gulf Coast Symphony Endowment

The Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra Endowment was established in June 1998 to provide sustaining support to insure the future of live symphonic music on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Funds donated to the Endowment are not intended to be spent, but will be retained in perpetuity to generate income which will be used to supplement Gulf Coast Symphony budgets, when required, to maintain quality, growth, and outreach programs.

When planning your personal estate giving, or honoring a special person, please consider a gift to the Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra Endowment or the establishment of a Fiduciary Trust.

For more information, or to arrange for a consultation with a member of our Endowment team, contact GCSO at (228) 896-4276.

The Nirna Mead Estate

Barbecue Under the Oaks

Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra Guild

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Thissell

Mr. David Berry Dale, Jr.

Isaac Fred Dale, III, M.D.

Phyllis Albertha Dale Waring, M.D.

John Blakeney

Mississippi Power Company

William Capps

Jean Capps Memorial Endowment

The Jean Capps Memorial Endowment was established With the Gulf Coast Community Foundation in the memory of Jean Capps by William (Corky) Capps to ensure the music library of the Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra.


William Capps

Cherry Hall

Gulf Coast Symphony Guild

This fund was established to honor a member of the Gulf Coast Symphony Guild annually. The recipient exemplifies the dedication and devotion to the Guild given by Jean Capps. At the time of receiving this award, the recipient is not serving as an elected officer of the Guild.